Major upgrade of CronaSwap Dex Protocol soon

2 min readMay 28, 2022

Dear cronaswap family,

From past few weeks overall cryptocurrency market is not performing good, after the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike and the LUNA incident. Billions of dollars are wiped out due to this bear market, but our team is still optimistic about the cryptocurrency market for a long time, and the industry will become more and more standardized.

Cryptocurrency is an emerging market. In its growth stage, it must be extraordinary and full of various risks. we also reminds investors to invest cautiously according to their own investment and discrimination ability.

In the past two months, Many of our users complained about why our product update speed was not as fast as compared to our competitors, and was surpassed by many competitors. During the period of rapid iteration of cryptocurrency and the pressure of competitors, we really lost ourselves for a long time. The team kept researching and discussing to find a way suitable for our development. It is indeed a good method to constantly update the iterative products, but it will also bring considerable risks to the investment users and CronaSwap. Its dividend period is only short, and it is easy for small investors to fall into the quagmire, so we have not done.

After two months of internal adjustment and research, we recently decided to make a major upgrade to the existing CRONA protocol, which will bring a new DEX protocol into cronos ecosystem and aslo to the community by improve users’ yield benefits and reduce IL losses. The specific product roadmap will also be released to the community soon.

Finally, We would like to thank the investors who have always stayed with us and supported us in the community.

From CRONA team.




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