Introducing the Product — BOND

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Good Day Cronaswap Community.

Cronaswap Team Have Been Working Hard To Bring A Fixed and passive Return Product For The Community And Put A Lot Of Effort Into Market Research Before Bringing Product To The Community. Fixed Income Is Everybody’s Dream And Here We Bring Our New Product — “Bond” To The Cronaswap Community To Make Your Dreams True.

What is BOND?

Bond Is An Passive Income Product Of Cronaswap Which Gives Fixed Returns Until The Bond Expiration Period. Bond Was Designed Specifically To Generate Passive Income For Bond Holders.

How To Get Passive Income From Bond Product?

Users Need To Buy Bond With $GRONA From the Bond Page. That’s It, As Simple As Easy. Your Rewards Are Accumulated Every Second Until The Bond Expiration Period And Rewards Can Be Claimed By Clicking Withdraw.

How Many Bonds Can each User purchase?

Users Can Purchase Unlimited Bonds But Upto Maximum Of Batch Limit, Bonds In A First Come First Serve (FCFS) Manner.

Can I Get My initial deposit Back After Bond Purchase?

No, The $Grona Raised from Bonds Will Be Converted Back To $Crona From Grona Page By The Cronaswap Team And Will Be Sent To Cronaswap Treasury. Moreover Bond Holders can earn passive income till Bond Expiration period.

How Are Rewards Paid To Bond Holders?

Cronaswap Team Uses Treasury Funds For Reward Distribution. So Users No Need To Worry About Token Inflation As Rewards Are Given From The Treasury. No Additional Tokens are Minted for rewarding Bond Holders.

Are There Any Taxes On Bond Product?

Currently There Is No Tax For Purchasing Bonds Or For Withdrawing Rewards. Improvements Will Be Announced To The Community Prior To Implementation.

Note — Users Need To Be Aware That The $Grona Token Itself Has An applicable 2% Transfer Tax.


  1. Zero Risk Since Bonds Are Issued By Cronaswap Team.
  2. Returns Are Fixed In Smart Contract, So Users Can Earn Seamless Rewards
  3. Bonds Offer A Low Minimum Investment Requirement Of Less Than $100
  4. There Is No Individual Purchase Limit For Bonds
  5. Rewards Can Be Claimed Per Second.
  6. User Cannot Able To Withdraw The Principal Deposits
  7. Price Volatility Risk Of Rewards Token

Let’s Understand Some Of The Terminology Used In Bond Product.

  1. Batch Id = All The Batches Are Differentiated With Batch Id
  2. Number Of Bonds = Every Batch Consists Of “X” No Of Bonds Which Can Be Purchased By Users
  3. Bond Price = Price Of The Bond At Which Users Can Purchase With $Grona
  4. Expiration Period = Duration Of Time After Which The Purchased Bonds Stop Giving Rewards.
  5. Daily Apr = Daily Fixed Return Earned for every second
  6. Daily Rewards = Calculated As No Of Bonds Purchased * Bond Price In $Grona *Daily Apr
  7. Rewards Period = Rewards Are paid per second till bond expiration period
  8. Reward Token = All The Rewards Were Paid In $Crona

Example —

Let Assume Cronaswap Team Issued Bonds For Batch 1 With Following Details. Say User ‘A’ Bought 100 Bonds

  1. Batch Id = 1
  2. Number Of Bonds = 10,000
  3. Bond Price = 1000 $Grona
  4. Expiration Period = 70
  5. Daily Apr = 3%
  6. Daily Rewards = 100*1000 *3% = 3000 $Crona
  7. Rewards Period = Rewards per second.
  8. Reward Token = $Crona

From Above Data User ‘A’ Purchased 100 Bonds With Each Bond Price Of 1000 $Grona With Total Investment Of 100 Bonds*1000 $Grona = 100,000 $Grona, Will Earn 3000 $Crona Per Day With Total $Crona Earnings Of 3000 $Crona * 70 Days = 210,000 $Crona.

Total profit = Total rewards — Initial investment i.e 110% Returns After excluding initial Investment In 70 Days…. Pretty Cool Right? Absolutely.

Buy Bonds from HERE

NOTE — Cronaswap Team Will Decide The Bond Price, Reward Apr, Expiration Period, No Of Bonds For Every Batch Considering Macro Economic Conditions Like Market Scenario, Token Circulating Supply, Token Price, Token Inflation Percentage And More Until Full Establishment Of Cronaswap Dao.

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