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Dear Cronaswap Community, It’s been an eventful week of delivering working updates and ensuring the best for our Investors and users of the Cronos chain Ecosystem at large.

Here are some of the latest updates:

  • Arcane Financial IFO finished!🚀
  • First week of Telegram Community Incentive program officially over!
  • Secured partnerships with leading Ecosystem Media venture; Cronosnews!
  • Finalized 🤝 partnerships with Cronospad; Another Launchpad on Cronos!

What to expect:

  • AMAs & Strategic Marketing plans throughout the 2nd Quarter for Cronaswap.
  • Rolling out more products for Cronsawap; this includes more IFOs, Staking pools with lucrative APYs & added utility for the $CRONA Token.
  • Expansion of our DeFi Ecosystem and rejuvenated TVL Growth with the right strategies applied for Cronsawap development.

Brief News on the Happenings:

  • Arcane Financial successfully completed it’s IFO on Cronaswap & launched at a Token prove of $0.15 with an initial liquidity of $120k locked in it’s Protocol.

The Token launched and immediately rallied to experience highs of up to 100% from IFO prices signifying profits for our IFO subscribers!🚀 More so, it’s the first IFO done by Cronaswap in weeks and we’re glad to say we delivered our promise and will still continue to deliver on numerous occasions, especially for our community!

  • As a way to give back to our community, we launched a community incentive program for our Telegram users where they get rewarded in USDC for being active, the first set of winners have been selected and rewards, distributed. Does your favourite Cronos chain Dex do this too? 😏

This is to ensure a healthy vibrant community and people who are willing to work & participate for the future of Cronaswap as we revitalize our efforts.

  • Cronospad X Cronos news partnerships were successfully finalized and concluded this past week to ensure stable media growth and support to other products in the Cronos Chain ecosystem.✨

We will look into more viable & strategic partnerships for Cronaswap in the future for better Ecosystem growth and stronger community!

Through all Bull or Bearish markets, the team at Cronaswap is dedicated to building and shaping up to be the premier Dex of Cronoschain. Want to learn more and build with us? Learn more about Cronaswap below

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CronaSwap is the first decentralized exchange platform on the Cronos Chain.